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Catbird Sauce Trio

Catbird Sauce Trio

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We are so proud to be carrying these wonderful products by Catbird, Virginia Craft Sauce Co.  We are so impressed and you will be, too!  If you tried these at Alexander's Restaurant in Roanoke, you know what we're talking about!  This wonderful trio comes with handcrafted potato chips and a cloth napkin.

"Catbird is a woman-owned sauce company led by New Orleans-born founder and chef, Bridget Meagher, who has made Virginia her home. With deep roots in the food and restaurant worlds, Bridget grew up in the hot sauce capital of the world and knows how to produce delectable, handcrafted sauces at her farm just west of Charlottesville. Enhancing the taste of local, sustainably farmed ingredients by naturally fermenting and aging her sauces is Bridget's number one priority. “My goal is to create crave-worthy flavors that will transform your food experience. Catbird is on a mission to deliver next level sauces to people who love to eat and cook." She can't wait to show you how to create something new in your kitchen with her sauces from Catbird!"

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