What's In a Name?

The Orange Bandana, LLC was named after a series of events that occurred between my husband and me. While we were dating we often would talk late into the evening and share the kinds of conversations you have with someone who is becoming your best friend. Occasionally Dave would pull a handkerchief out of his back pocket for me to use. While he carries a different color of bandana everday, it seemed that he had only the orange one to offer to me when I needed it. One day, he laughed and said, "I guess this one belongs to you!"

At The Orange Bandana, we feel that life is full of moments that bring us happiness and joy, surprise and delight. We would like for you to have your own orange bandana to capture your moment. And so it is our gift to you and a reminder that we need to recognize all of life's moments and share them with others.

They say the only reason to carry a bandana is to give it away!  Let us be a part of your next special occasion. Thanks for stopping by!