Santa's Snacks

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$14.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
This Santa's Snacks basket is filled with cookies and other delicious treats!

Santa will be really pleased if you set out these snacks for him!  That is, if you don't decide to keep them for yourself--or for when company unexpectedly drops in!  Filled with a variety of cookies, Virginia peanuts, and chocolate covered pretzels as well as creamy hot chocolate mixes!  Great value gift!

Your basket includes:

1 box Angelina's Butter Cookies--4.4 oz.

1 box Too Good Gourmet Sugar Cookies--2 oz.

1 Too Good Gourmet Ribbon Cookie Assortment--2 oz.

1 box Virginia Peanuts--3 oz.

2 chocolate covered pretzels--.05 ounce each

2 McSteven's hot chocolate packets--1.25 oz. each

1 orange bandana