It's a Party!

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$13.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
A party in a basket!  How fun!

The party snacks are in here!  Whether it's an office party, or a family game night, you've got the snacks!  It's a combination of savory and sweet, salty and smooth!  You'll be the hit of the party for having this on hand!

Your gift includes:

1 Peppermint Straw Cookies--3.5 oz.

1 Red Velvet Cookies--3.5 oz.

1 Walkers Shortbread Cookies--2.1 oz.

1 Pirouline Chocolate Wafer Cookies--3.25 oz.

1 Virginia Peanut Tin--Asortment of flavors--9 oz.

1 package water crackers--4.4 oz.

1 Beef Sliced Summer Sausage--2 oz.

1 Sonoma Jacks Cheese Assortment--4.02 oz.

1 box dried fruits--2 oz.

2 Chocolate covered Pretzels--.05 oz. each

1 box Peppermint Roca--.08

1 Chocolate Peppermint Candy--1.75 oz

3 Lindt Truffles

1 orange bandana