For Your New Home

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This basket is filled with VA products and a wonderful wooden sign to celebrate the new home!

You'll love giving this wonderful welcome home gift!  Fill their new home with the wonderful scents of chocolate, popcorn and fresh brewed coffee!  The scrumptious products are all from Virginia.  The "Welcome Home" sign is a great keepsake.



1  750 ml non-alcoholic grape juice from Rolling Meadows Farm

1  4-pack handmade chocolates from The Chocolate Spike

1  cup apple butter from Bower's Homemade

1  8 oz. bag of local coffee from Red Rooster Coffee

1  4 oz. bag of kettle corn from Hethwood Market

1  milk chocolate cookie cutter from Nancy's Homemade Fudge

1  3 oz. butter toasted peanuts from VA Diner

1  3 oz. salted peanuts from VA Diner

1  6 oz. Mountain Mix Snack from Nancy's Homemade Fudge

1  orange bandana