Father's Day Gift

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A Father's Day Gift Basket that truly measures up!

Happy Father's Day for the man who measures up to all your expectations!  Fun, rustic basket contains special snacks a man would love--Tennessee Whiskey shortbread and Jack Daniels Praline Pecans!  Lots of other fun snacks, too.  Products do not contain alcohol.  $10 shipping for continental US only.


Your Rustic Wooden Basket includes: 

Tennessee Whiskey Shortbread cookies by Willa's Shortbread  4 ounce

Dipping pretzels  2 ounce

Peach sugar cookies  1 ounce

Jack Daniel's Praline Pecans  2 ounce

Bavarian Ale Mustard  2.25 ounces

Country Archer's Beef Jerky  1.25 ounces

Orange Bandana