Cozy Closing Crate

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This gift sets the mood for a cozy evening.

For a big "Thank-You" you need a BIG gift that really sends a message!  This crate is filled with items that will pamper your recipient.  The reuseable crate comes with the makings of a cozy event designed to celebrate a new home, a holiday, a romantic evening.

Included in your crate:

A 40" x 55" cotton knitted throw

32 ounce vanilla or chocolate rum cake

VA Diner Peanuts--butter toasted and honey roasted

2 Moscow Mule Mugs

6 oz. Chocolate Milkies

Mixology--8 individual servings

Water crackers

Beef Summer Sausage

Cheese Spreader Utensil

2--Assorted 4 oz cheese bars

Cranberry Harvest Snack Medley

Orange Bandana

Pirouline Cookies