A Full House Sampler Box

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This Full House Sampler Box of delicious snacks ships in the adorable house-shaped box.  We can add your logo to the front of the box!

You'll score the winning hand when you select this Full House Sampler Box.  This innovative box--shaped like a house--contains great snacks for the family that just moved in!  Great as a hostess gift or thank-you for any occasion!  The house-shaped box is an approved shipping container.  Let's add your logo and send this "house" off to your favorite client, friend or family member!

Your Full House Sampler Box contains:


1  6x10 inch bamboo cutting board

1  6 inch cheese spreader utensil

1  3 oz. Beef Summer Sausage

1  1 oz. Key Lime Cookie Straws

1  2 oz. Cheese Triange

1  2.5 oz. Hummus snack

1  3/4  oz. box crackers

1  1 oz.  chocolate "key" from The Chocolate Spike

1  250 ml Perrier

1  orange bandana